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In our web portfolio, we focus on results. End of story.

In our process and portfolio, search engine rankings and website traffic go hand in hand. However, at the end of the day, only one metric truly matters…increased conversions. That’s a fancy way of saying your website should be generating leads and sales to help grow your business. We’re here to help you do that with custom website design and SEO strategies that work for your business.

Project Info: United Construction Solutions is a local construction contractor located in Arnold, Missouri. We were hired to pick up where a previous developer left off to bring a better mobile optimized design for younger audiences. We focused on detailed design aesthetic to make sure older and newer audiences alike had the same great online experience.

Project Scope: web page design and development, web page optimization, User experience, SEO copywriting, mobile optimization, website migration, Search engine optimization strategy

Company Name: United Construction Solutions

Project Info: Cultivation Capital is the largest venture capitalist firm in Missouri. Cultivation Capital is a venture capital firm that supports extraordinary entrepreneurs. They hired me initially to fix a multi-layer malware injection attack. They were so pleased with my knowledge of WordPress security that they asked me to rebuild After which they hired me for SEO, maintenance, and security.

Project Scope: web design, web development, SEO copywriting, SEO strategy, web maintenance.

Company Name: Cultivation Capital

Project Info: The yield lab is one of the best accelerators to come out of the T-Rex incubator located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The Yield Lab hired me to convert their website from Wix to WordPress after a developer could not do so a week before launch. The task was time driven as 90 days had passed already. However, once I had all the details I was able to deliver an effective creative solution in a fraction of the time it took the previous developer.

Project Scope: web design, web development, SEO copywriting, SEO strategy, web maintenance.

Company Name: The Yield Lab

Project Info: This project included a website redesign of all pages. The client also needed help formulating the copy for the search engines for better rankings. The project for SchoolTube also required the restructuring of their user interface for a better user experience including navigation and functionality.

Project Scope: web page redesign, UX, UI, web page optimization, SEO copywriting, A/B split testing, website migration

Company Name: SchoolTube

Project Info: Smart Pain Solutions is a St Louis based chiropractor firm. I was hired by the owner I was hired to convert a limited Weebly website into a mobile friendly WordPress website. Dr. Bo also requested the website to be optimized and mobile friendly for SEO implementation. The result, a fast optimized mobile friendly website for his business which provides new leads daily.

Project Scope: website conversion from Weebly to WordPress, web page redesign, web page optimization, SEO copywriting, mobile optimization, website migration

Company Name: Smart Pain Solutions

Project Info: St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor is a new restoration hair consultation firm. I was hired by the owner to make edits to a WordPress installation he set up himself. I performed a website audit to find his chosen theme was 2 years old nor 2017 compliant. We then rebuilt the whole website to assure it was Google and mobile friendly. After completing his website impressed; he hired me for search engine optimization.

Project Scope: web page design, web page optimization, User experience, SEO copywriting, mobile optimization, website migration

Company Name: St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor

Project Info: AZO Group is the specialist for automated handling of raw materials and of processes. AZO automates the handling of large, medium and small components in granular, powder and liquid form. AZO hired me to create a responsive mobile-friendly website for their brand which currently was in HTML. Together, with the help of their team’s input, we were able to create a fast loading, mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress website.

Project Scope: web page design, website development, web page optimization, User experience, User Interface, SEO copywriting, mobile optimization

Company Name: AZO Group

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